Swimming with false killer whales

While we do not sail anywhere as much as we would like to we always do enjoy the moments that we spend on Kokomo! Every so often we take her out for a day sail and often combine this with a snorkel session and more often than not do we get rewarded with amazing underwater life.

We are lucky enough to live right next to the only known reef on the planet where whale sharks can be found on (almost) a daily basis throughout the year. While this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most, we have gotten used to these gentle giants (but we still love every encounter!) so always welcome some diversity.

On many occasions do we find Manta Rays and about a year ago we spend a few brief moments swimming next to a blue whale, the largest animal on the planet. Recently we thought we saw some dolphins in the distance and sailed closer to cheek them out. we quickly noticed that these were either some mutated huge dolphins or something else and soon learned that these were false killer whales. After whatching them playing next to the catamaran for a while and not knowing what they usually like to eat we hoped that we are not on their menu and jumped in to enjoy this unique experience of watching an entire family sharing a tuna that they had just caught.

These are the moments where we remember how lucky we are to be living on a tiny island in the Indian Ocean!