Cool stuff on the web

Here are some websites that we found during our research or while browsing for helpful things online, which we thought could also benefit others.


Perhaps one of the best forums for sailors as it is a very active community of people helping each other. many cruisers are present and i have learned a tremendous amount just going through the various threads. one thing that was of particular interest to me was a post with everything there is to know about the Fountain Pajot Mahe 36. spanning over 50 pages with well over 1200 posts it is the longest thread on the entire forum. it was later broken down into various topics, but the original post can still be seen here

Zero to Cruising

Of course the first thing you search for when considering life on a boat is who else has done something similar. well here is a perfect example of a couple that has made it literally from knowing nothing about sailing to being experienced live aboard cruisers since July 2010.

This Rat Sailed

What is particularly unique here is the fact that this couple came up with the idea of cruising literally the same month that we did, or at least they started the blog at that time. So when we found this blog recently it was interesting to see how our plans somehow have been and are continuing on a similar path: finding out what other people do, trying to learn how to sail (eg. buying the book ‘sailing for dummies‘!), learning about boats, finding your dream boat, etc.

The Slapdash

Rather than me explaining the blog, I just coy their intro paragraph:

‘No boat, no experience, no problem? Our slapdash plan to circumnavigate the globe commenced in 2007 when we left Vancouver with little more than these three things. We found a little catamaran in South Carolina and she’s been our home ever since. So far we have been successful in keeping her afloat; the superficial bumps and bruises a product of an entertaining travel adventure story. Our comedy of errors. We hope you enjoy the ride. Get your towels ready, it’s about to go down. I’m on a boat. -Seth & Jaime’

We read the blog with great interest as it was entertaining, fun and very helpful at the same time. Seth and Jaime have since completed their world tour and sold Slapdash on to the next adventurous crew.


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