About Us

DSC_3894When did we start thinking of sailing and to live on a boat?

With both of us knowing basically nothing about sailing, but having lived quite few years around the world, we started thinking that living on a boat would somehow match two important things for both: living by the sea and keep traveling.

April 2012, while on holidays in a place that could not be further from the water, Kruger Park in South Africa, we first thought about how it would be to live on a boat and 6 months later  we did the opposite of what any sane person would do, we first bought our boat and only after started to figure out how and when set sail.

Catamaran KOKOMO is now lounging in the Maldives, where we currently live,  while we prepare the big trip and practice sailing.


if you want to get in touch with us, please email us t ‘info(at)kokomo-sailing(dot)com’


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