A country without Marinas

believe it or not, there is not a single Marina in the Maldives! while there are some harbors in local islands and the capital island of Male, in most cases each island is on their own. this means that KOKOMO has her home in our lagoon. in most cases the lagoon is nice and it is a picturesque sight, in this case from the birds-eye view


At times KOKOMO wants some company and comes to the jetty to collect some guests wishing to go sailing. so it is not uncommon that she comes across other boats (mostly the local dhoni boats) or perhaps one of the seaplanes that comes to our island several times each day.

Rush hour

Rush hour

but there are the days when things are not quite as calm and we try much miss the protection one enjoys in a Marina. while there are no tropical storms or hurricanes in the Maldives, we do get rough weather at times during the monsoon season. in and example of today, we were greeted with a big storm, lots of rain and winds up to 50 knots. in these cases even the calmed lagoon becomes a battlefield and this is when I wonder whether our mooring will be enough. we made sure to have plenty of weight, using two mooring blocks of about 1 ton, 30 meters of very heavy chain, but one never knows what their limits are. in days like these we added another two anchors as backup, but seeing the catamaran rising up on one wave and then crashing down right after does not make us feel very comfortable at all and we just have to trust that all will be well.

bring it on!    the moment before the storm.

bring it on! KOKOMO just before the storm.


2 thoughts on “A country without Marinas

  1. Hey Dom,

    Greetings from the middle of the U.S. (Colorado) where we have marinas…but no ocean. 😉 We do actually get monsoons during the summer…but our small reservoirs don’t have enough fetch to cause real waves. Hope your mooring held, it sounded to me like it should…but what do I know. The mooring sure looks beautiful in the picture.

    Look forward to hearing more of your adventure.


  2. Hi Mike. yes, so far all went well and we had a few of these storms. But when you see your treasured possession being exposed to such weather, naturally you get worried. but I am starting to feel better now that a few of these storms have passed. Today the sunshine is back 🙂

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