she’s got a name!

after many more back and forth we finally have all paperwork completed and we now can announce that our catamaran has a name:


the perfect name

the perfect name

Why KOKOMO you ask? well, here is our thinking:

‘There’s a place called Kokomo… That’s where you wanna go to get away from it all’. Who does not know the famous song of the evergreen Beach Boys? When the catamaran was found at the heart of the Indian Ocean, it seemed just the perfect name for the perfect boat. The name recalls tropical places, secluded islands and unspoiled nature, all waiting to be discovered while aboard.

KOKOMO represents the perfect escape, a way to take it slow from the fast pace of life. Sailing around beautiful Maldivian islands, taking time to enjoy the scenery and swim with manta rays, whale sharks and turtles.

A moving oasis, KOKOMO creates magic chemistry with its passengers while sailing. After all, even the Beach Boys use to sing…’we get there fast and then we’ll take it slow…’.

And since the Beach Boys stayed with me for a week (well at the hotel I worked at in Hawaii) and performed for me (well for our guests) I feel I have the right to borrow this name 🙂


the first video now online

one always has good intentions to record everything and we did the same when we prepared our crossing from Seychelles to Maldives, but only now when I wanted to put a video together i notice that i forgot to record video through most of our trip. I guess there was enough other things that kept us occupied.

nevertheless we managed to capture some moments of this trip, which is now available on youtube.  Enjoy:

what is the maximum capacity of a 36 foot catamaran?

over the past week we had quite a few visits from officials needing to see the catamaran of customs officials, border patrol, coast guard, just to name a few. it seemed that everyone just wanted to have a look and get a free stay at our resort.

one of the things was to register the boat locally and get local documentation. Of course there were many safety checks all of which we passed without issues as we had much more safety gear ready than anyone had ever seen on other local boats.

like everywhere, dealing with authorities is interesting no matter where in the world you are and here as another example:

me: how many people will the boat be registered for?

officer: what do you mean?

me: what will the maximum capacity be that will be permitted to be aboard the catamaran at any given time?

officer: what would you like this to be?

me: what do you mean?

officer: how many people would you like the registration to be for?

me: well, according to the manufacturer they recommend a maximum of 15

officer: we calculate the capacity based on the overall length and width of a vessel and we do not have any specific rule for catamarans. so based on this calculation you can carry a maximum of 70 people.

me: what???

officer: how many life jackets do you have?

me: about 20

officer: oaky, we’ll make the certificate for 20 passengers then.


i just wonder what else will be waiting for me in the coming weeks and months…




finally home

just a few more miles, but the winds want to make our arrival to the island as hard as possible as it now shifted to North, now exactly from the front. With reefed sails (all that we have left) and the assistance of both engines we finally see the island of Dhidhoofinolhu in the distance. Almost there! but it will take another 5 hours until we can finally drop anchor in the lagoon of our island.

We’ve made it!