The art of finding the perfect boat..on line!

We have been looking at several websites and forums, we even subscribed to fellow sailors’ blogs and actually found them quite useful. But, there is alway a but. Once you find something that you like, or you think you like, it is seriously difficult to track sailors’ first hand experiences, more ‘insider-style’ news and something that is not written by the broker or the charter agency. Like for example, we wanted to find out more about a Nautitech 40, the pros and cons and found very little on the net.

The whole ‘search’ started with a Mahe 36 in mind, and we really think that it would the right boat for us, and there’s plenty of info on line to entertain you or…like me, to scare you. Now we got the book ‘Sailing for dummies’¬† – and started reading it. Not bad, beside the continuous jokes about obvious rules of sailing, anyway we have plenty to learn and if you look at the time, not so much ahead.

Now it seems we found a new lead in Seychelles and hopefully would be able to go and see some boats there soon, as we said before, we live in the Maldives and it’s not easy to find owners’ boats nearby. Let’s see what happens.