A first glimpse of Boatlife in the Bahamas

Oh well, while we were happily enjoying swimming with the dolphins not so long ago, we actually started thinking that such short time on the boat wasn’t really doing any justice to the experience itself.
It was the first time for us being together in such a small ‘space’ but I have to say we did pretty good and basically managed not to step on each others things while sharing the cabin. But life on a boat is much more than how you store your toothpaste in the bathroom and I can’t tell you enough how great it was to wake up on the first morning at sunrise and set the start of our day with a morning swim in blue waters. Bahamas are truly beautiful, but living on a boat convinced us that there was more than just simple enjoyment behind the slow passing by of each single day. We felt that it could be something that would make us happy regardless on where we could be at any given time, and yes..we do travel a lot, believe me. It was also very useful to have a closer look on the kind of food you can store on a boat and a smart way to cook so to manage the supplies, or for example how important are kettles or bottles with a clip, so you don’t spill your drinks everywhere when you want to have an ice tea (silly to mention but wait until you spill liquids on something that is not supposed to get wet…). Not to mention all the precautions against mosquitoes! So as we tend to ignore many small details in our daily life on land, this was overall a full experience to make us aware that everything on a boat has its place for a reason.
Now, one week was indeed too short but we came back with one of the most beautiful experience one could ever have, we got to swim with wild dolphins and for passionate snorkelers like us, that was a real treat – as they tend to be very sketchy in the Maldives. Here a short video of what we did in the Bahamas. Life is good!


First attempt to see some boats

we have planned a holiday to the US and Bahamas and what better place to check out some boats than Florida, or so we thought.

through some websites we found a very friendly broker and arranged to meet him upon arrival to Ft. Lauderdale with the aim of seeing some catamarans. we very quickly had decided that a monohull is not for us and that we need some space for ourselves. we figured, our ideal catamaran would probably be a Mahe 36 or perhaps even a smaller Gemini 105, wherever we could find something in our budget range.

Upon arrival to Florida, however, we had to learn very quickly that all the catamarans seem to be in the Caribbean rather than in Florida. All we managed to see were a rather run-down xyz catamaran (it was so unappealing that we immediately walked off again) and the other was a Lagoon 420, which unfortunately was a little (actually more than a little) out of our price range. nevertheless it gave us a first impression of the size available in catamarans, vs monohulls.

the other thing we had to learn that even if we were to find the perfect boat for us in that part of the world, getting it to the Maldives would be next t impossible, or at least way too expensive.

So, our first attempt ended in defeat, but we do not give up that easy!

For now it is off to the Bahamas, where we will spend a week on a boat searching for dolphins!