it all starts with a crazy idea…

where to start?

well, many people say we are the luckiest people in the world, and often we do agree. we are lucky enough to live on a tropical island in the Maldives, enjoy 30 degree celsius temperatures year round (the same temperature can be found in the water I might add) and we get to play in the ocean on a regular basis. we have a little run-around boat that allows us to get to many reefs and enjoying amazing freediving or spend an afternoon on a deserted island.

However what we lack is a boat that is a little larger than ours that would enable  us to venture off a little further and perhaps even offers the chance to stay overnight. but then again, why only overnight, why not for a few weeks, months or even longer?

This is how our crazy idea started to look for a larger boat that would allow us all that, and maybe more. We have heard it all before, people escape the day to day life an spend months or even years living on a boat doing what others believe to be only possible in the movies.

However, there is one minor issue: we have no idea how to sail. but how hard can it be?

I have been on sailboats once or twice and recently spent a week on a 42 foot Bavaria with a bunch of friends and we actually made it wherever we wanted to go and returned the boat at the Marina without any damage (but maybe that has something to do that most others actually were experienced sailors…).

Well, the idea is now firmly planted and we now have to figure out how to make this become a reality.

stay tuned to see if this is just a crazy idea and we change our mind or if we still think of the same in a few weeks…